9 Android Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know

Android Tips

As we know nowadays more than 80% of people use Android or Smartphone. We know Android phones are very useful in our day to day life and make our life easier. Not only this. But we can also do so many things online by using our smartphones. Smartphone gives you very good features and we can use it easily.

But do you know there are so many hidden features of your Smartphone you never know? These features may help to make your life more flexible and easy. So, here we give some important Android Tips and Tricks you did not know. If you want to use your phone properly then you should know these tips and tricks. So, let’s have a look…

Hidden Features of Your Android Phone You Should Know:

  • On Developer Mode:

This feature is one of the most important features but I think you should not know about it. You can enable this feature by going to Setting-> About on your phone. After that, click on your phone’s build number 7 times. While doing this, you will get an onscreen countdown which is followed by Congratulations, you are now developer message.

  • Smart Lock option:

Smart Lock is a very helpful feature of your android phone. By using this feature, one can reduce the unnecessary keypad lock when you are at home. If you don’t know how to do this, then you can go to setting-> security->smart lock option in your phone to set up the smart lock. You can also use GPS, your face, your voice, your finger to prevent your phone from locking. So, this is Useful Tips and Tricks of your Android Phone you must know.

  • Manage App Notifications:

Sometimes we so much annoying from the app notifications, so you can also block app notification via your phone’s settings. Normally, we show all the information by the long-pressed information icon. After that, you will get all notification settings options for the app in question. As per your need you should on or off options.

  • Change your Wi-Fi Network Quickly:

I think we all know how to change the wifi network. For switching one network to other you can go to setting-> wifi and change it. But there is another way to change it faster. For that swipe down from the top of your screen and open the Quick settings menu. After that click or press on the network name. Now you will get the list of networks list on your screen.

  • Map Zoom:

Nowadays for finding any location or place we use Google map. For zooming your location on the map you should double tap on the screen and swipe up. After that zoom in and zoom out by using your finger on the screen. So, in this way, we can easily zoom the map in single-handed.

  • Secret Game:

The secret Game is one of the well-known features of your Android Phone. Android Easter egg is a very famous game among old-timers but newcomers are not aware of it. Lollipop and Marshmallow is a game based on the flappy bird. These games have the same principle but as per the android version, the graphics and theme may be varied.

For that you should go to setting-> About phone and tap device version number so many times. After that based on the OS, you will get lollipop or marshmallow.

  • Screen Casting:

You can easily mirror your android screen by using a cast function. For that go to a quick setting menu and press cast. Now your device finds chromecast and ready for playing a game on the large screen or showing photos with your family or listening to music on the loudspeaker. Not only can this but you also watch your favorite movie on the screen by using screencasting.

  • Clear Default App:

Sometimes we are annoying when a link opens in the browser rather than a particular app like facebook, twitter or YouTube. If you want to fix this problem go to setting-> Apps and search particular which are open. After that, scroll down and open by default, click on it then select clear defaults. So, this very important Android tips and tricks.

  • Mute Notifications:

Sometimes we get irritated by notifications of apps. If you want to mute them, then go App notification and press information icon. After that, mute notifications of your app.

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I hope you will get all the details about the Useful Tips and Tricks of your Android Phone. If you don’t know these features then by reading these tips you will get an idea about Android phone features. You share this post on your social media with your friends and also give your suggestions about this post in below comment box.