These systems are made for you to increase your sales as well as outputs. They are specially made for you catering to your requirements.

Salient features of our bespoke systems

Effective business

The softwares we develop are tested beforehand to avoid any possibility of errors. Efficient systems with good designs are a priority for us.


Our bespoke systems are developed to be best suited for you and are easy to control. Systematic and controlled systems will also increase your productivity and reduce errors.

Optimised workflow

Our bespoke systems serve your requirements. Smooth workflow and optimum satisfaction with the service are crucial elements.

Customize CRM

Our customized CRM systems helps keep a track on your business process to make it efficient, faster and approachable. Along with that they also aid in future sales forecasting, customer affairs, management and communication.

Customize ERP

Our professionals have the required technical softwares as well as coding skills. Our customized and modified ERP systems will improve the efficiency in your workplace. Customization is necessary to achieve your desired goal.

Third Party Integration

Zithas helps you develop custom applications and systems that can instantly connect to third-party software for integrated services that will merge features of the third party and your business.

Why choose Zithas for developing your bespoke systems?

We understand the concept of bespoke systems and work towards providing your business with best possible bespoke systems that serves multiple purposes.


Our systems are highly automatic and independent instead of having people operate them. It addresses multiple functions at the same time and establishes a systematic control.


The bespoke systems we develop are easily adaptable and flexible. Our easy designs help increase efficiency and make it simpler to keep the systems updated.

USP/ Branding

Every business needs a USP and our bespoke systems can be your USP. As it is customized for your business, it is unique and helps attract customers for you.

If you have any queries regarding bespoke systems, reach out to us.


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