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Air Dynamic Solutions

Air Dynamic Solutions provides the highest level of customer service. With an extensive knowledge of our heating, cooling, and ventilation units, our team ensures that the right solution is provided to meet the requirements of any size project.


    • Customers to be able to order online for products.
    • Customers to be able to book services online.
    • Create an Online Store with all information about business.
    • Currently, no back-end system to process orders.
    • Service or Maintenance is managed manually after the booking is received by phone.
    • Limited budget for the project.



Strategy & Approach

Tools & Method used

  • After having a few brainstorming sessions with the client, we were sure which route to select and what are the problems with, managing orders, booking maintenance appointments and getting up a new functional website as soon as possible.

    The result we selected was “ WordPress + WooCommerce ” why? Quicker development and is perfectly fine to get you started with. It also maximizes your store’s potential.

Few other reasons Because it’s simple and intuitive 
Constantly evolving and improving 
Looks more professional! 
Add any functionality to improve WooCommerce 
Developers, designers, marketers, and store owners are in the same boat 
Makes your store easy to use!

Achived Results

Smooth Business Management Process

30% increase in Booking appointments and Sales

Better Customer Experience on Website

Easy Order Process Management

Upgrade in the business process

Order Starting to Flow Seamlessly

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