Case Study- The Visa Managers
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The Visa Managers

The Visa Managers focus on getting visa for you to your destination in shortest possible time via the most efficient route.Our experts have years of experience in the field of Study Visa, Canadian Immigration and Tourist Visa around the globe. 


    • Maintaining a lot of manual paperwork
    • The lengthy process of submitting an application of Visa
    • Managing and collect documents required for Visa process manually
    • Hard to Manage Agent on-boarding procedure¬†
    • Difficulty to identify the actual status of lead

Strategy & Approach

Tools & Method used

  • Build tailor-made website and CRM system which are really helpful to The Visa Managers business process. We have made automation process where users can fill up the application form online from the website and submit the application. After submitting the application they will get their login details to the CRM and The Visa Managers get all application details in the CRM system from which they can proceed further to Visa application. We have built a communication system in the CRM itself. Also, there are modules in the CRM where Agent on-boarding process will be completed by following three easy steps and Agent have their own login. Resulting business process easy and lot of time saved.

We build a system where business process is simpler and easy to manage each and every data of the business

  • Separate logins for Admin, Clients and Agents.
  • Easy management process.
  • Fast communication between Staff , Agents and Clients.
  • Get regular updated on the visa application.
  • Documents management reduces handling paperwork.
  • Finance management made easier to track and handle.
  • Get world immigration news and updates on a regular basis from the website.

Achived Results

Easy Visa Applications Management

More accurate and result driven customized reporting

Reduced paperwork and Huge Time Saviour

Driven through the Business Automation Process

Centralized database of all Business Information related to Customer, Agents and Finance as well

Managed quick communication with prospective leads and streamlined internal communication

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Thank you so much Zithas. Now by business process super smooth and fantastic!!
I love to work on new system developed and it looks so good as a smaller platform. I am very, very happy with the work you guys have done. Thanks again - and pass my thanks to your team too :)

Bhumit Sangharajaka

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